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Canopy Climbers is an award-winning eco-adventure business that works every day to help people CONNECT with trees, local parks, nature and each other. Canopy Climbers is the recipient of the Star Green Business Award, presented to us by the City of Gainesville for promoting safe and sustainable tree-climbing activities in our local parks. We were recognized especially for protecting the trees in which we climb, while promoting the responsible enjoyment of our beautiful local parks. CLICK HERE for more about our Star Green Business Award. We also give back 10% of our income to help maintain, beautify and protect the parks in which we climb, so future generations can enjoy our enchanting parks as we do today.

We climb trees to create and nurture an essential human connection with trees, forests, nature and each other. Tree climbing offers a unique pathway to empowerment and inspiration for the hearts and minds of those who adventure up and into the forest canopy.

We offer fun "Canopy Climbs" and also a 2-day Basic Tree Climbing Course (BTCC) for students who want to learn how to climb trees on their own. Book a "Canopy Climb" for 4 or more people and experience the thrill of recreational tree climbing as you ascend into the canopy. Here in Gainesville, Florida, we climb trees year-round, so we're ready when you are.

Virtually anyone can climb trees. We use a tree-friendly, sustainable "rope and saddle" arborist climbing method to ascend and explore the forest canopy. Our user-friendly climbing system is proven safe for people and trees too, and makes it relatively easy to climb into the treetops.

Generally, we recommend that children be 8 years old or older to climb with us. However, we've had kids as young as 6-7 years old successfully climb with us. The bottom line is, if kids are fit, active and most importantly, they can follow instructions well, then they will likely do well climbing trees with us, even as young as age six. We leave it to parents to decide.

PLEASE NOTE: When we climb trees, we defy gravity. We believe any healthy person can climb trees with our user-friendly climbing system. But everyone is different. Defying gravity takes a distinct level of effort. If you have any ongoing health issues or injuries, please consult your doctor before booking a climb with us. Some folks feel it's fairly easy to climb trees with us. Some feel it is a strenuous activity. Regardless, tree-climbing activities gives everyone a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and connection with nature.

Climbing a rope into the top of a tree is an "adventure-workout." And that’s why so many people enjoy doing it. Your personal experience will depend on your level of power, weight and fitness, also known as the "power-to-weight ratio." Since 2011, we've guided over 900 climbers into the trees and virtually a 100% of the participants, of all ages and abilities, enjoyed a successful climb.

Our system is user friendly, intuitive and engages our legs mostly, for efficient ergonomics. There is also an inherent 2 to 1 "mechanical advantage" built into our rope-climbing system. That's a fancy way of saying you don't have to hoist your entire body weight up the climbing system. The system actually cuts your effort in half. And when you want to take a break from your ascent, you can simply let go of the rope and the system holds you in place, no effort required.

We encourage our tree-climbing guests to climb at their own pace and only go as high as they want. Recreational tree climbing is not a race or competition. We focus on having a fun, being mindful and experiencing the inspiration of trees and forests. No previous tree-climbing experience is required to enjoy our fun tree-climbing adventures.

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To Our Amazing Clients,

We've made booking a tree-climbing adventure easier than ever. Our fun climbing events, called "Canopy Climbs" require a minimum of 4 participants. And of course, we also offer our 2-Day Basic Tree Climbing Course (BTCC) for 2-3 students who want to climb safely on their own. We have more fun events and surprises in the works, so stay tuned!

Danny Lyons
Owner & Tree Climbing Instructor
Canopy Climbers, LLC

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Book Your Tree-Climbing Adventure Now


PLEASE NOTE: To climb trees with us, you must book an event on this website by clicking any "BOOK NOW" button. The City of Gainesville and Alachua County (the owners of the beautiful parks in which we climb) require that we provide them at least five (5) days prior notice to put on a tree-climbing event in their parks. Therefore, we cannot book a climb any sooner. Thank you for visiting and we hope to climb trees with you soon!


Our "Canopy Climbs" are fun, 2-hour tree-climbing adventures for groups of 4 or more. Canopy Climbs are the perfect adventure for double dates, birthdays, family reunions, church groups, summer camps, office groups, general group team-building events, school groups and more. No previous tree-climbing experience is required to enjoy our fun Canopy Climbs.

PLEASE NOTE: We can climb up to 10 people simultaneously. If you wish to book a climb for 11 or more people, please contact us directly. We can accommodate your large group, however, we will need to create 2 or more sub-groupings, depending on the number of participants.

What's Included
- Climbing Orientation & Demonstration
- Master the Tree Climbing System
- Learn how to do a Bat Hang
- Participants enjoy climbing trees for about 1.5 hours with an option to purchase extra time to extend your event
- All climbing & safety gear is provided by Canopy Climbers
- Canopy Climbs are customize-able. Read about the "Canopy Extras" below and contact us for more information and other fun ideas.
- Please Note: Photography services are not included with our tree-climbing events.

- This climb is for a minimum of 4 climbers and a maximum of ??? (please contact us if your group has more than 11 climbers)
- This is a 2-hour time commitment, unless, of course you add an hour
- Climbers must be at least age 8
- All Participants Must Sign Our Liability & Photo Waiver
- Parents must sign Waivers for children climber-participants

$49-per climber*

*Giving back: When you climb trees with us, 10% of your fee is paid to either the city or county, depending on where you climb. These funds go towards keeping our parks beautiful.

Optional Canopy Extras For Your Treetop Adventure
- "Treeboat" Hammock experience: $49- per Treeboat
- Ground-level slackline installation: $29- (great for large groups)
- Extra Tree Time for your event: $100- per hour for your entire group




Want to safely climb big trees on your own?
Take the Basic Tree Climbing Course (BTCC) in Gainesville with TCI-trained Instructor, Danny Lyons and become proficient at the sustainable, Doubled Rope Technique (DRT) arborist climbing system.

The BTCC provides the necessary bedrock of tree-climbing knowledge and practices for anyone who climbs trees. It is designed to teach you the necessary skills to safely climb trees using the DRT arborist climbing methods. Students learn how to "mobilize" in the treetops, by developing the skill set to climb through the crown of a tree, upwards, downwards and horizontally.

This course is ideal for recreational adventurers, canopy researchers or anyone else who wishes to safely access the treetops and the forest canopy. No previous tree-climbing experience is required to take the BTCC.

> Click here to learn more about the BTCC <




"What is a Treeboat Hammock?"

A Treeboat Hammock is a wonderful option that provides a fun place to hang out. Drink lemonade when it's warm, or hot chocolate when it's chilly, 30 feet high in a Treeboat Hammock! Enjoy a picnic lunch in the hammock or just kick up your feet and enjoy some R&R in the treetops (you supply the picnic goodies). Add a Treeboat Hammock to your Canopy Climb and enjoy the relaxing fun.

"Treelax" in amazing treetop comfort. These cozy and sturdy Treeboat Hammocks are very popular with our tree-climbing clients. Add one or more Treeboats to your Canopy Climbing adventure and enjoy the wonders of the forest canopy like never before.

"How long is my tree-climbing event?"

Our Canopy Climbs are scheduled for 2-hours, beginning to end, unless you purchase an extra hour of "Tree Time."
It is quick and easy to purchase an additional hour of Tree Time as you book your event. Each climber-participant will get approximately 1.5 hours of climbing time, depending on the number of participants and skill-level of the group. Below, you'll find an approximate timeline breakdown of what you can expect from our 2-hour Canopy Climbing events.

"When should we show up?"

Thank you in advance for being punctual. However, please be reminded that it is not necessary for you to arrive more than 5 minutes early. Please be advised, regardless of when you arrive, we will begin and end the tree-climbing event as scheduled.

Canopy Climbers Merch!

Get Some Canopy Merch. You Deserve It.

You will (or already have) worked hard to climb into the forest canopy. You deserve a souvenir to remind you of your inspired canopy climbing moment and well-earned achievement.




We are thankful that the City of Gainesville and Alachua County has granted Canopy Climbers permission to provide tree-climbing events in selected local parks. Come climb trees with us, year-round, and enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor adventure found only in North Central Florida.

Danny Lyons
Tree-Climbing Instructor and
Founder, Canopy Climbers, LLC

"Did you climb trees when you were a kid? Climbing a tree can create a deep, life-long connection with our natural environment. Call it a "bonding experience," or a "deep appreciation" for nature, or maybe it can be simply called "love." Regardless, this vital connection we experience while climbing trees holds the power to inspire and empower our hearts and minds. And since we tend to protect what we love, we invite you to "Climb a tree and FALL IN LOVE." -DL

Canopy Climbers is honored to be awarded the TripAdvisor "2016 Certificate of Excellence." We send out a heartfelt thanks to all of our amazing clients who took the time to review us. We truly appreciate our local community, and beyond, that continues to support recreational tree climbing!

We are honored to be rated the "#1 Outdoor Activity to do in Gainesville, Florida," as rated on TripAdvisor, due to the reviews created by our awesome clients.

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